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Amalfi Coast Boat Tours, Sunset Cruises, Prosecco, and Lasting Memories!

Immersive Italy Boat Tours

Experiencing Italy from a boat tour while on vacation there is an absolute must! The peninsula offers so many opportunities to see the magnificent structures and villages from the water. Our Italian boat rides span up and down the coasts and they are a favorite among all of our clients, especially the sunset boat cruises. You can have the luxury of renting your own personal boat for hours at a time with your own skipper and explore the waters off this majestic country.

Amalfi Coast/Capri Boat Adventures

One of the best ways to see the Amalfi Coast is from the water. Cruise around the Sorrentino peninsula with your own private skipper and see the sheer beauty of the Costiera Amalfitana (Amalfi Coast). You have the option to take a boat from either Sorrento or Positano to the island of Capri where you will visit famous landmarks such as the Blue Grotto or the Faraglioni (the famous rock structure). An important reminder that you need to be aware of: to enter the Blue Grotto, the sea will need to be very calm that day. If it is too rough, the grotto will be closed. We also like to tell our clients The tour can last from 3 – 6 hours, depending on your preference. Snacks are provided or you can choose to stop for lunch at a restaurant on the other side of Capri.

With our Amalfi sunset cruises, you’ll start off with a complimentary glass of prosecco as you cruise away into the sunset with a private English speaking skipper who will give you a bit of history about the treasures of the Amalfi Coast. You’ll have the option to stop at different locations for a quick swim before returning to your starting destination. 

Whether you’re taking a ferry to Capri or booking a private boat for the day, let us plan everything for you along the incredible Amalfi coast


Cinque Terre

Looking at the five villages from the water is a completely different experience than seeing them from the land. Both views are, of course, beautiful but, you MUST take a boat ride in Cinque Terre. In fact, Luca, our main boat operator partner, not only grew up there, but his family have been fishermen there since the 1500’s! For generations Luca’s ancestors have worked in the waters around Cinque Terre, so on one of his boat tours, you’ll be able to listen to amazing stories while sipping some delicious Prosecco.

Sunsets on the west coast of Italy provide some of the best views and this definitely includes Cinque Terre. As you cruise along the coast at sunset, the vibrant colors of the villages come to life and help create a truly memorable experience. Another benefit of the boat tours is that you can access private beaches along the coast that most people can not access via land.


If you like boats and water, clearly you’re in the right place. Our expert tour planners have spent a lot of time navigating through Venice and the surrounding areas. We can help you book private water taxis in Venice, gondolas, boat tours of the surrounding islands, and anything else that you would like. We definitely recommend going on a boat tour of the Murano and Burano Islands if you have time so you can experience these unique, colorful villages that are located just outside of Venice.

The Venetian lagoon is a great place to take a sunset cruise as well. Take a tour with a local guide who will share some amazing stories of Venice’s history with you while navigating around the lagoon. Or perhaps you would like to have dinner aboard a Spanish Galleon ship that also sets off on a sunset cruise from Venice. Make sure to ask our tour planners about these unique Venetian experiences!