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Cooking Classes

Food and Tradition go hand-in-hand.

Learn the secrets of how to make homemade pastas, desserts, and more.

Choose from private or small group classes in the center of Rome or the hills above Sorrento. Cook with a local family in Tuscany or Venice. Then feast on your creation with a glass of wine and leave full, with memories that will last forever.

We highly recommend participating in at last one cooking class on your trip to Italy. Choose from classes led by expert chefs, or more traditional family-style lessons taught by a cesarina (local home cook). All of our clients rave about their experiences learning how to cook and we would love to help find the very best class for you.

Cooking Classes in Rome - Private or Group Classes

Take part in a private cooking class in Rome where you can choose whatever you wish to learn, from handmade Roman-style pasta, thin, crunchy pizza or a full four-course meal and a private Italian chef will guide you and your group every step of the way. Your English-speaking chef will offer a host of techniques that Italians use when they prepare traditional Roman dishes and desserts. This fully-customizable experience includes feasting on what you have made, lunch or dinner, and enjoying it with a glass of wine or beer. Choose a private class if you want a more personalized experience. After the lesson, a PDF with the recipe and details of how it was prepared will be sent to you so you can recreate these masterpieces when you return home.

Group cooking classes in Rome are also available where you and your party will join others to learn how to make traditional Roman pasta, pizza or gelato. Choose what you’d like to make and we can arrange a class that’s best for you. Kid-friendly classes are also available where kids learn hands-on how to make a full Italian meal. Just interested in pizza? Try a Pizza Masterclass where you will learn the secrets of how to prepare the dough from scratch and what makes Roman pizza different from the Neapolitan pizza that is usually more well-known.

Cooking Classes in Sorrento

Sorrento is known for so many traditional dishes. Explore the options with a private class led by an Italian chef, or experience a more relaxed atmosphere, learning how to make family recipes from a true cesarina (Italian home cook and host). Spend the afternoon or evening learning the secrets of the south that you can bring home and recreate for your family and friends. Choose from pizza or pasta making classes, pasta and meat, or full four-course meals. We will find the perfect class for you and your group, whether you prefer a private lesson, or a larger, fun group class. All of our guests have loved their experiences of learning to cook in Sorrento, and we are sure you will too!

Cooking Classes in Tuscany and Florence

As you may already know, each region of Italy has their own traditions, especially when it comes to cooking. The dishes are all based on location and history, and Tuscany is no exception. Famous for its local produce and meat, we would love to share with you the simple, seasonal preparation of authentic Tuscan dishes. Choose from private or small group classes at a cooking school, organic farm or agriturismo (farm that is known for its on-site production of one or more specific products, like meat, cheese or oil). Typical dishes usually include secondi (second courses) made from wild game, like deer, boar or pheasant. And don’t forget the truffles! Tuscan specialties include pasta made with truffles, which grow abundantly in the region. A famous Tuscany pasta is tagliatelle al tartufo, which is our absolute favorite! Let us know if you are interested in a cooking class in Tuscany and we will find the perfect fit to satisfy your palate!

Cooking Classes with Michelin Star Chef in Positano

If visiting the Amalfi Coast, we can arrange an exclusive experience for you with a Michelin Star chef at his restaurant in Positano. Spend the night learning from a renowned expert, who will share his personal secrets for dishes he has created. Learn what wine is best to pair with the meal you have made, and enjoy a truly special evening that you will never forget. For more information about this unique experience