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Ghost Tours

Tales of Ghosts, Murders & Mysteries on Our Spooky Night Tours

Experience the Supernatural

Wander around Italian cities while hearing some spooky stories from our expert tour guides. Ghost Tourism provides visitors with an original experience while on vacation in Italy. With these tours you will visit amazing places full of art, history, …. and perhaps some phantoms! Explore underground catacombs where the ancient Romans buried their deceased while listening to the tour guide describe some truly unusual experiences that they have had underground.

Rome Ghost Tours

If you want to book a ghost tour in Rome, you came to the right place. On our Roman Ghost Tours, you’ll quickly learn that the past is anything but dead. Our expert guides have been giving catacombs and ghost tours in Rome for decades and some have even seen some strange occurrences in the process. Depending on the tour, you may see where Julius Caesar was murdered or hear a story about how an emperor poisoned one of his rivals. The dark side of history comes to life with our ghost tours, just ask us about planning one for you on your trip to Rome.

Venice Ghost Tours

During the Black Plague in Europe, Venice was a hot spot for death and trying to find a cure. Today, it is one of the most haunted areas in all of Europe and you can experience this first hand with a guided Venice ghost tour. Here you will experience things such as visiting Saint Mark’s Square and learning about the two columns that were used for capital executions. Or learn about the clock tower that was made by sculptors who were then later blinded to make sure they could not recreate it anywhere else in the world. Spooky stories like these will surely enhance your experience in haunted Venice.