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Private Drivers

Save Time and Energy with Private Drivers to Take you To and From your Destinations

Stress-Free Transfers

Visiting Italy can be stressful for first time visitors, or seasoned travelers who don’t speak Italian. Part of the beauty of Italian culture is the confusion! We have lived in Italy for over a decade and it took us quite some time to navigate within and between the different regions. Trains may be on strike, taxis may not charge the same to you and they did to the Italian man before you. It can be confusing! We would love to take the stress out of your planning and provide seamless transportation for you throughout your trip.

Airport Transfers

We always recommend having a private driver pick you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel. It saves time and money, and our English speaking drivers are extremely professional and efficient. No worrying about the cost, as all will be agreed upon ahead of time. You and your party will meet one of our partners at the airport and be taken directly to your accommodation. The driver will assist you with your luggage and complimentary water will be provided. After a long flight, having a trusted driver waiting for you definitely helps start your trip off in the right direction.

Multi-City Trips

Choose from small group or private wine tasting tours stopping at local enotecas (wine bars) where you can learn about and taste authentic Tuscan wines. Our expert guides will share their passion and knowledge about wine pairings and give you the chance to sample some of the best Italian wines as you enjoy a stroll around Florence’s main squares. You may even get to experience the ancient Florentine tradition of ordering wine from a wine window!

Driving Tours

We also offer driving tours where your private driver will drive you to panoramic viewpoints to take photos, or to visit hidden gems that are not easily accessible by foot. In Rome we offer a 4 hour evening driving tour that takes you to some of the most amazing lookout spots in the city, from Pincio to Gianicolo. Or if you are headed south, take a 4 or 6 hour driving tour down the Amalfi Coast, stopping at incredible places to take in the scenery, as well as getting out in a few different villages like Positano, Amalfi, Atrani or Ravello to explore or have lunch.

In Tuscany a private driver can be arranged to take you to two wineries for private wine tastings and lunch, and then bring you back to your accommodation. Wherever you wish to go, our partners will be there to make sure you arrive safely, comfortably, and stress-free.