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Italy’s Eurochocolate Festival: Savoring Sweet Delights

Having lived in Rome for several years, we were so lucky to be able to hop on random trains and go to these local festivals. Almost every town or region in central Italy is known for producing some staple food or drink. It could be strawberries, artichokes, wine, or a specific type of chocolate. My first visit to Perugia happened to be during Italy’s Eurochocolate Festival, a celebration of everything cocoa-related, and it is as AMAZING as it sounds. I couldn’t wait to try all the delicious treats, especially Nutella.



Unraveling the Eurochocolate Festival in Perugia

Perugia’s Piazza IV November became a vibrant chocolate wonderland during the Eurochocolate Festival. Artisan chocolatiers showcased their craftsmanship, displaying a mesmerizing array of chocolate sculptures and delectable treats.

Nutella Magic: A Beloved Treat 

At the heart of the Eurochocolate Festival, Nutella took center stage, delighting chocolate enthusiasts of all ages. I indulge in Nutella everything. Crepes, gelato, Nutella-covered strawberries, each Nutella-infused creation was a testament to the love affair between chocolate and hazelnut spread.

Beyond Expectations: Exploring Unique Chocolatey Creations

While Nutella was undeniably a star attraction, the Eurochocolate Festival had much more to offer. We discovered a world of innovative chocolate concoctions, including dark chocolate (with balsamic vinegar) and savory dishes infused with cocoa. It’s a big sugar rush – but it was so worth it.

Enhancing the Eurochocolate Festival Experience with Immersive Italy Tours 

Planning a trip to Italy, especially for a festival as delightful as Eurochocolate, can be overwhelming. However, there’s a way to make your experience seamless and memorable – through Immersive Italy Tours. Our travel experts have been there and done that and will be happy to help you. Plan your trip to central Italy and these amazing festivals.


Tailored Itineraries: Crafting Your Perfect Chocolatey Adventure 

Immersive Italy Tours curates itineraries tailored to your preferences, ensuring you make the most of your visit. From attending the Eurochocolate Festival to exploring nearby and more intimate Nutella festivals and immersing you in Italy’s cultural treasures, the experience becomes uniquely yours.

Our journey through Italy’s Eurochocolate Festival in Perugia was a gastronomic delight. The aroma of cocoa, the enchanting creations, and the captivating atmosphere left an indelible mark on our hearts.

If you’re considering a vacation in Italy, especially during the fall, the Eurochocolate Festival is an experience not to be missed. Embrace the magic of chocolate and immerse yourself in Perugia’s chocolatey wonders. And for a seamless and personalized adventure, consider opting for Immersive Italy Tours, where expert guidance and curated itineraries will elevate your trip into an unforgettable exploration of Italy’s sweetest treasures.


Christopher JohnsonChristopher Johnson
23:09 30 Jan 24
Mark and Tiffany did an excellent job planning my trip to Italy. The attention to detail was on point and helped make a truly incredible and memorable experience. Their knowledge of the language, culture and everything in between was truly superior and I'd highly recommend Immersive Italy Tours to anyone looking for a great adventure!
Charm CleaningCharm Cleaning
17:08 23 Jan 24
Mark and Tiffany did such an amazing job helping me plan my trip to Italy last year! They were very professional and took the time to listen to everything that I wanted to do in Italy.They were super helpful with every step of the planning process and I felt ZERO stress when I was preparing for the trip. This was the most memorable trip of my life and thank you again Mark and Tiffany!!!I recommend that you 100% hire them to book your tripod Italy.
Nicole RomanNicole Roman
21:24 16 Jan 24
Tiffany has helped plan two trips to Italy so far, and both times we had an excellent experience! Her knowledge of the region is remarkable, and she was very attentive to our needs. Our first trip was spent in Rome, Florence and Venice, with a trip to the Vatican. The second trip was to Sorrento and Positano. Both trips were so memorable, thanks in large part to Tiffany's masterful planning! We will definitely be using Immersive Italy again in the future!
Monica McQueenMonica McQueen
15:53 26 Oct 23
Mark & Tiffany did such a fabulous job - I cannot recommend them enough (in fact, I've told everyone I can about them). I used them to plan my 50th Birthday Girls' Trip, as I've never been to Europe. I'm an event planner with very high standards for details, and they both made my trip experience so relaxing, from buying all the train tickets to arranging private tours and drivers, to knowing where we needed to spend extra time and the order of seeing the cities and which restaurants and bars to go to. I especially appreciated their tremendous support with little things while we were there - I actually never thought we'd hear from them while there, due to the time difference, but they were so attentive, making sure we got where we needed to be at all traveling points. Beyond that, they're extraordinarily nice people, and we felt like they were part of our trip family. They paid attention to all of my 'wish list' items (cooking classes, winery tours/tastings, boat trips, food tours) and created a completely over-the-top feeling, custom trip and for much less than I would have thought it would cost. They went above and beyond every step of the way, and I can't wait until I can plan another trip with their help.
Colleen OmanColleen Oman
23:24 26 Jul 23
Mark and Tiffany did an exceptional job planning and organizing our trip…. Highly recommend using their services!
Am NorgrenAm Norgren
00:13 21 Jul 23
I learned about Immersive Italy Tours while I was recently traveling in Italy, and I'm glad I did! Mark shared an outline of experiences and detailed recommendations for the area I was visiting, and it saved me tons of time that I would have spent searching. Highly recommend!
Bill MurphyBill Murphy
15:33 15 Jul 23
Mark and Tiffany planned an amazing trip for us! Their professionalism and attention to detail made our trip such a memorable experience. The travel was seamless and very easy. Definitely hire Immersive Italy to plan your trip.
Kim PanzanaroKim Panzanaro
20:50 29 Jun 23
Tiffany and Mark were amazing! They helped us plan our trip from NY to Rome, Florence, Ischia, and sorrento! They set up all of our travel plans within italy on the high speed trains and ferry to and from ischia. The excisions they arranged we awesome! The private day trip to Tuscany was an absolute dream with lunch at a winery and visits to Siena and San Gimignano. We had a private boat to take us out for the day around Capri that was the best! Can’t wait to go back and do it all again, with immersive Italy’s help, of course!
Kate KennedyKate Kennedy
22:28 19 Jun 23
Our family vacation was an absolutely amazing, fully customized, unique Italian experience thanks to Immersive Italy! There’s so much to do and see there — it’s so exciting, but it can feel overwhelming when planning — that’s why we were so thankful to have expert guidance every step of the way. From coordinating our overall itinerary, train travel and professional ground transportation to specially selected tours — each experience went smoothly and took the stress out of the logistics so we could enjoy each moment. It was refreshing to know if we needed help during our trip, the team was extremely communicative and available to offer personalized assistance. We loved our private tours of some of the top tourist attractions, including: the Vatican, Colosseum and Pompeii. The English speaking guides were passionate, knowledgeable and friendly — and skipping the massively long lines to walk right in was so worth it! We especially enjoyed our private wine tour in Tuscany and day trip boating excursion to Capri — unbelievably special, amazing experiences! Huge thanks to Immersive Italy for memories that will last a lifetime.