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How to Navigate Around Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a majestic location located along the northwestern part of Italy. Its five villages are definitely something that should be visited at some point on your Italian vacation. In this post we will explain the best ways to navigate around Cinque Terre. Train The train is the easiest way to navigate around Cinque […]

Italy’s Eurochocolate Festival: Savoring Sweet Delights

Having lived in Rome for several years, we were so lucky to be able to hop on random trains and go to these local festivals. Almost every town or region in central Italy is known for producing some staple food or drink. It could be strawberries, artichokes, wine, or a specific type of chocolate. My […]

Discover Rome’s Hidden Gems: Secret Spots Part 1

Rome, the Eternal City, needs no introduction. It is home to world-famous landmarks like the Colosseum, the Vatican, and the Pantheon. So it’s easy to see why millions of travelers flock to this enchanting destination every year. Yet, amidst the well-trodden paths and popular tourist spots, Rome holds a treasure trove of hidden gems and […]